Our bathroom habits have changed over the years.  There was a time when we didn’t have the luxury of a bath or shower… so I’m told anyway.

It has been estimated that each day Britain ‘showers away’ more than two billion litres of water.  On average, each person takes 4.4 showers and 1.3 baths each week.  Showering has now become the largest use of water in the home.

Did you know?

1  The average UK shower is 8 minutes long and uses nearly as much energy and water as a bath.

2  Showering costs the average UK family £416 per year.

3  Young boys are the worst offenders for lengthy showers, spending an average of ten minutes drenching their pubescent pores.

4  Not surprisingly, women are better multi taskers than men.  Even in the shower, they brush their teeth, wash their hair and shave.

5  The average teenage girl takes nearly nine and a half minutes in the shower, costing her parents around £123 a year.  Young girls aged 12 and under tend to take short showers of around six and a half minutes.

Based on a Unilever study


About thewastewaterman

Chartered civil engineer with 30+ years' experience, specialising in the treatment and management of waste water. Expertise includes rainwater harvesting, water recycling, natural wastewater, reed beds, drainage, stormwater management (SuDS) and sludge/slurry

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