All too often in the past we have visited sites of wastewater treatment works, whether domestic or commercial, where the client has been poorly advised, or told that the best option is to replace with new.

Now the internet is a wonderful tool, but sometimes it may not provide you with the most appropriate or cost effective solution to your problem, and may at the end of the day cost you a significant amount of money, when you didn’t really need to spend much at all.

We recently visited a pub that had been provided with a wastewater treatment plant, and for some reason was giving rise to problems, particularly odour.  Not the sort of thing one wants wafting around the beer garden on a hot summer’s day.

The landlord had approached a number of suppliers who had suggested replacement of either part, or the whole of the treatment system.

It has always been our philosophy to work closely with the client, in order to assess and determine the problem, and to find the most appropriate and cost effective solution, whatever that may be.

After a fairly brief visit we were able to identify the problem, and recommend a solution that did not entail the replacement of the treatment plant, and that cost the client £100s and not £1,000s.

In this case, we were able to modify the existing plant.  The treatment of sewage can be achieved by a wide variety of treatment methods, no single approach being suitable in all situations.

‘Green’ is a wonderful concept, but it is not a panacea and in pursuing a ‘green’ option you should be wary of some manufacturers unsubstantiated ‘green’ claims.

The moral is, that only by employing an independent wastewater expert, can you be sure that you are getting and paying for the right solution.


About thewastewaterman

Chartered civil engineer with 30+ years' experience, specialising in the treatment and management of waste water. Expertise includes rainwater harvesting, water recycling, natural wastewater, reed beds, drainage, stormwater management (SuDS) and sludge/slurry

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